EVOKE - Mobile Presets


Our favourite pack of presets not available for your iPhone or Android (Lightroom Mobile - free and paid versions available).

Evoke is inspired by rich autumn colours and of course, prioritizes skin tones. This preset caters to the blues and keeps those brilliant whites.

• Mobile Lightroom Presets (DNG files):
-Evoke - Base Preset
-Evoke - Grain
-Evoke - Less Red
-Evoke - Lighten Shadows
-Evoke - Smooth Skin + Grain
-Evoke - Vignette
• Installation instructions

Works in Adobe Lightroom Mobile App (iOS/Android). FOR EASIEST INSTALL, Unzip and safe DNG files (presets) on computer first then send to yourself via email (some phones have a hard time unzipping/accessing zipped files).

Link for download will be automatically sent upon completion of purchase. If you have not received a link or email, please contact us:


Installing / Troubleshooting:
Please follow the included instructions *thoroughly* for downloading and installing your mobile presets or search Youtube for how to install mobile presets on your specific device. It is not the most simple task and can be difficult the first time you try to download mobile presets (*any* mobile preset). Please try trouble shooting on youtube if the methods included in my instructions are not working for you prior to emailing us for install issues. It is very difficult to troubleshoot via text/email when it comes to installing mobile presets.

Make proper exposure and white balance adjustments before applying presets to your mobile images. They work best on warmer images but can be adjusted to your liking. As with all presets, these will look different on every image and photography style, so we cannot guarantee that it will resemble or give the same effect as us. It is likely that further adjustments/tweaks will be needed to get the desired effect from these presets. Skin tones can be altered using the orange, yellow and red sliders in the HSL (hue/saturation/luminance) tab in Lightroom Mobile App, however, it is rare that I have to edit beyond the basic editing menu with this preset.

Feel free to contact us prior to purchase should you have any questions. Lightroom Mobile installation instructions are included. Once purchased, an automatic email will be sent which includes the zip file for download.

Due to the digital nature and automatic download once purchased, all sales are final.
Please be respectful and do not share/trade/sell these presets (not to mention is illegal). With your support, we are able to continue creating new tools, products and education to help and contribute to the photography community.

Thank you so much for your support.

All images by Ang McCabe of Myrtle & Moss Photography.

For more information please contact us at info@myrtleandmossphotography.com